New Website Launch for Clark University

At long last, we have officially launched a new website for one of the most distinctive liberal arts colleges in New England – Clark University. As a premier liberal arts institution, Clark University rejects the norm and embraces the ability to create change. With nearly a year of discovery, design, and development work put into this project, we are ecstatic to reveal a fresh website that captures the extraordinary impact of being a Clarkie.

Storytelling perfection

The experience at Clark is like none other, and as such, we gave Clark all the tools necessary to tell their unique story. The backend is powered by a huge pool of components that gives content managers total flexibility and control. The new look for Clark is bold yet sophisticated, with striking visuals to drive home the core attributes of their college experience.

New Clark University Website Design

There is so much to discuss about the new website, so we encourage you to view our write-up to get the full scoop.


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