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Wisdom Experience

Wisdom Experience is one of the leading online publishers of Buddhist and meditation content. Their website is a core part of their organization, it offers eBooks, physical books, online courses, masterclasses, and podcasts on mindfulness and meditation. The overarching mission of Wisdom Experience is to help people find peace and meaning in their lives through compassion. With a large collection of Buddhist teachings in many forms, they have certainly achieved that mission.

We helped Wisdom envision and build an ecommerce website that will help the organization become a leader in online meditation and Buddhist content.

Course lesson landing page on Wisdom Experience

When a user signs up to join the Wisdom Experience, they can select their interests within the realm of Buddhism and meditation. In turn, this serves them dynamic “For You” content based on their selections. Members can also save certain books to their library. This makes the reader’s library unique and up-to-date, and more importantly, personalized.

Setting up an account on Wisdom Experience
Account management on the Wisdom Experience website

Wisdom offers a fairly even mix of physical books and eBooks. To give users the ability to read books online, we developed the “Reading Room,” which takes EPUB files (files used on Kindle, etc.) and parses them into HTML. In short, this makes it easy for Wisdom to add new material to the library without affecting the user experience.

Wisdom Experience Reading Room screenshots

Beyond books, Wisdom also offers exclusive video content, courses, and podcasts. The video content and podcasts are served through a unique media player with custom controls. The Masterclass courses utilize the same media player but with more advanced features such as a custom sidebar with the ability to skip to the next video in the series, and a related content popup when users pause a video.

The different media types that are showcased on the Wisdom Experience website
Wisdom Experience Masterclass video component

The key to elevating Wisdom’s marketing was tying in their systems into the website. For the physical book orders, we integrated with a third-party provider that provides warehouse storage and shipping solutions. On the digital side, we integrated their marketing automation software with the website to streamline customer capture and email marketing.

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