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Petricore Games

Petricore is an award-winning game development studio that develops mobile, virtual reality, and desktop applications. With their design, art, and programming expertise they become a part of your team to help you craft a beautiful piece of software. They provide a complete development experience, and stick with you from wireframes to beta, all the way to launch and beyond.

Gaming is all about the experience. Unfortunately, Perticore’s original site did not effectively convey the experience within each game, so we made that the focal point of our redesign.

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    Petricore Games Full Landing Page
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    Petricore Games Showcase Page
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    Petricore Games Blog Page

Petricore’s revamped site is beautifully designed, interactive, and most importantly, effective in highlighting the games they develop. Custom landing pages and call-to-action download buttons give users a complete game experience and allow them to access the game in the App Store or Google Play with a single click.

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