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OfferStrong – Home Sale Price Estimation Tool Pixels pushed in February 2019

OfferStrong is an innovative new tool for home buyers that allows them to find the most affordable offer price on their new home. Using an advanced algorithm, OfferStrong calculates the best offer for your desired house to guide you in the right direction. The challenge was, of course, to transform this idea into a compelling and engaging web application.

Users can search for homes from the landing page, which pulls in available homes from MLS listings. If home buyers are really interested in a home, they can utilize OfferStrong’s tool to see what they should offer for the property. The quote comes with an estimated initial offer and the estimated final selling price. Additionally, the system is built with full integration with the client’s CRM to easily track and manage leads.

This brand new web application makes it easy to find homes and gives home buyers complete confidence in their next property purchase.

OfferStrong website shown on different browsing devices

OfferStrong was built from the ground up, tying in several components to create a cohesive web application. Below is a list of some of the technologies, tools, and integrations that are utilized for the project:

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    OfferStrong homepage design
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    OfferStrong listings page, showing homes within the area
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    Individual listing of a home found on the OfferStrong website
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    OfferStrong's home buyer toolkit

“I had an excellent experience with Eri Design…they took me from concept to reality! I highly recommend them!”

– Dennis Leroux, President

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