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Michael Alfano Sculpture Pixels pushed on April 2019

Michael Alfano is a renowned sculptor who has garnered numerous awards and worldwide exposure. He has been sculpting figures, public art, and philosophical pieces for over twenty years. His work is showcased at galleries and public venues, with his public art on permanent display in the United States, India, and Greece. Countless media outlets have featured Michael and praised him for his work.

Being a sculpture website, it’s no surprise that our design was heavily image-focused. We had to design and develop a mobile-first custom experience that would allow users to easily filter, refine, and scan through the different types of sculptures.

Each of the different sculpture categories features a custom gallery for users to skim and expand on individual sculptures. Once a user is viewing a sculpture, they can view other angles, a short description, and share the sculpture via email or a direct link. For users that are interested in particular themes, the site also supports a filter by keyword function.

Since the launch of the new site, the overall time that visitors spend on the site, page views, and sales inquiries have increased dramatically.

Collage of the different components on Michael Alfano website
  • Modern web broswer tab
    Homepage of the Michael Alfano website
  • Modern web broswer tab
    Michael Alfano website gallery component
  • Modern web broswer tab
    Michael Alfano sculpture locations

“Eri Design was great to work with. They listened to the unique needs of a fine artist. Their design impressed us. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful – they work well together. We were able to direct the content with advice from Eri. They didn’t oversell us on features we didn’t need but offered suggestions for aspects we didn’t know about. They addressed issues quickly. Things went smoothly. The site works. We looked at many places before choosing Eri and are glad that’s who we picked.”

– Michael Alfano, Owner

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