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FTF Behavioral Consulting Pixels pushed in June 2019

FTF Behavioral Consulting provides training and support to organizations, schools, and hospitals to improve outcomes for children or adolescents who engage in severe problem behavior. They utilize practical functional assessment (PFA) and skill-based treatment procedures with highly-experienced professionals. Founded early in 2019, FTF Behavioral Consulting needed a full brand identity done and a fresh website to complement it.

In the first stage of our work with FTF, we tinkered with a lot of different logo/color concepts, but none of them really stuck. It was only until our last round of edits that we arrived at a logo and color theme that both ourselves and the client were thrilled about.


Image of FTF's final branding and color theme

With an identity finalized, we moved onto the website portion. FTF only needed a few main items emphasized: their team, services, and events. As such, we built unique content blocks for the team and services, as well as a dynamic events feed – all of which are featured on the homepage. The About page also features a unique GIF that blends their branding and services into one component.

FTF Behavioral About page and events calendar component
FTF Behavioral About page and team members
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    FTF Behavioral About page
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    FTF Behavioral Events page
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    FTF Behavioral Services page
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    FTF Behavioral Our Team page
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