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Empire Dealer Services Pixels pushed in October 2019

Empire Dealer Services is a partner company that provides F&I development, compliance, and training to businesses in the auto industry. They help grow dealerships with an in-store presence of a highly experienced team that is dedicated to strengthening their employees. With their wide range of products and services, they can help any dealership increase customer satisfaction and exceed performance goals.

Before we started the website design, we needed to up Empire’s branding to be a bit more in line with the current auto industry trends. We opted for a bold green as the central color and light/dark accents to promote an optimal contrast. The logo features a car within a shield to symbolize protection and trust, and is displayed in several locations throughout the site.

Branding and color theme guide for Empire Dealer Services

Built with numerous custom fields, the site was designed to be completely flexible, allowing for elements to be placed wherever they are needed. Content and layout styles can be added, removed, and moved with just a few clicks. This approach gives Empire total freedom in maintaining their website going forward.

Various web design concepts in a collage format
Collage of EDS screens on mobile devices

Empire’s products, services, and team are the true value of their business and therefore, the items that needed to be emphasized. This meant creating multiple pathways to reach these pages and flexible components that formed a natural hierarchy. The improved design helped Empire solidify their branding, and more importantly, made the site much better (and faster) on mobile devices.

  • Modern web broswer tab
    Empire Dealer Services homepage design
  • Modern web broswer tab
    Empire Dealer Services products page
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    Used and new car dealership services
  • Modern web broswer tab
    Empire Dealer Services team page layout
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    Empire Dealer Services blog post landing page
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