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Eastern Dentists Insurance Company October 16th, 2020

Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC) needed a new visual identity and web presence that reflected the immense growth and expansion they’ve experienced since their founding over 30 years ago.

This was a particularly rewarding project for Eri Design because it gave us the chance to flex our wide range of strategic, creative and technical capabilities. 

EDIC's Homepage displayed on a laptop and mobile device

We took an outdated visual brand and brought it into the 21s century. This was especially important for EDIC given that one of their key audiences happens to be new and younger dentists, just starting out in the field. We knew that we needed to deliver a visual identity that was contemporary, vibrant, and compelling, and that would stand strong against any background, application, or context.

EDIC’s new brand simultaneously conjures abstract themes of a tooth and a ‘shield protector’ — this new logo offers a blend of abstract and literal visual representations of what sets EDIC apart from peers and competitors: protecting dentists.

Video was the perfect way to celebrate and punctuate  EDIC’s new brand. This short video (produced in partnership with our friends at p3 Maine) conveys the energy and excitement around EDIC’s new brand while emphasizing all of the brands attributes that customers have come to know, appreciate and trust over the years



Now that we had a new and invigorated visual branding strategy mapped out for EDIC, it was time to also bring their digital presence up to speed.

Our primary and guiding objectives were to establish a more engaging, seamless, and intuitive user experience for anyone visiting edic.com. The results? Well, take a look for yourself.

EDIC website desktop screens

By far the most technical aspect of EDIC’s rebrand, this phase entailed re-thinking their entire agent portal experience. Our guiding objective was to make sure their agent portal accurately reflected their new brand. Our team of designers and developers were up for the challenge.


EDIC portal screen image
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