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The power of social media marketing is simply too big to ignore. We help you engage customers and boost sales.

Social media provides a unique environment and social media marketing allows you to capitalize on the opportunities this environment provides. Expand your reach and grow your audience,  with a marketing strategy customized to your unique needs.

Social media marketing strategy drives engagement.

There are roughly 1.94 billion active Facebook users, and that number is climbing every day. Add users on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and you’ve got a pretty big chunk of the world. We check social media all the time, and the power of social media marketing is simply too big to ignore.

Captivate your consumers.

As a business, you need to post relevant content consistently to keep your consumers engaged and drive awareness. But which social media platform? And what should you post? At eri, we start with a thorough discovery phase to identify the answers to these questions. Don’t worry about which time of day you should post on Instagram, that is our job so you can focus on what matters most, running your business.

Get your audience talking.

Whether it’s an outside article or something you’ve written yourself, you need to show your customers that you care and foster engagement. They’re already talking about you on social media, so give them something good to talk about. From Facebook to Instagram and everything in between, we manage social media platforms to captivate consumers and boost sales.

  • Strategy Development
  • Content Creation
  • Ad Creation
  • Organic Social Outreach
  • Social Listening
  • Social Monitoring & Analytics
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Detailed Campaign Reporting

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