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Interactive Digital Media

Engage users with interactive media.

Digital media is a form of content that is encoded and transmitted as digital data and blends technology and content strategy, giving websites an additional layer of user engagement.

Captivate and engage users with digital media.

We craft all of our designs for a dynamic user experience right from the start. We firmly believe that websites shouldn’t be just text and images. Effective websites have text, images, videos, micro-interactions, and animations that all work together in harmony to encourage user engagement and elicit emotion. Here are just a few of the key principles in mind when thinking about digital media solutions:

  • Dynamic Content
  • Micro-Interactions
  • Animations
  • Responsive Design
  • Navigational Prowess
  • Brand Alignment
  • User Accessibility

Effective content and design only thrive in conjunction with a compelling user experience. In today’s digital environment, users expect to have content that they can engage with. Websites that fall flat fail to meet expectations, and dry content has a negative impact on user experience. Users shouldn’t just stare at a screen, they should be compelled to interact and engage with the content within it.

Digital media goes beyond writing effective content. It ecompasses a strong digital strategy, thorough and thoughtful research, and the technical expertise to execute and deliver a seamless experience. At eri, we

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