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Our 2017 Year in Review

This past year at Eri Design has been one full of growth and change. We made a lot of internal calibrations and worked on some really fun projects that we are pleased to share with you. This is our 2017 year in review!

A change of scenery

Year in Review Office Shots

We kickstarted our 2017 with a little change of scenery. We’re still in the same building, just in an office space that accommodates our growing team. The best part of a larger office? Plenty of room for the ping pong table. Our clients and visitors love the new space, and we do too.

Internal growth

Throughout the year, we added several team members as new projects and clients kept arising. We added Jordan Aubin as our web content manager and marketing assistant, as well as Rob Logan Jr, Edwin Cromley, and Nick Kuhn as developers. Our team has never been more agile and versatile and we anticipate continued growth in the year ahead as our client roster continues to expand.


No year in review would be complete without a brief snapshot of the projects we worked on. Early on in 2017, we launched a website for Bowdoin International Music Festival, which brings together musicians from all over the world. We also launched a simple, clean and easy to navigate website for Mass Lung & Allergy, who’s the largest allergy clinic and sleep research center in Massachusetts. Our friends right down the street at Ubuntu Autism Consultants also got a beautiful redesign.

We love working on higher education websites, so we were ecstatic when we added Clark University to our client roster. As part of our work so far, we launched an interactive microsite for the Clark LEEP program. Of course, we still have many projects that are in the works but visit our work page to stay up to date on our finished projects.

Notice anything different?

While we were busy designing and developing websites for our clients, we finally got around to finishing a website that was long overdue for a makeover…our own! We gave our site a complete overhaul with an interactive homepage, beautiful inner pages, and custom-styled work pages. Our website was definitely in need of an update and now properly reflects the quality of work that we do.


Beyond our website, we also officially launched our own SaaS (software as a service) product – Canvaspace. Canvaspace helps art and design students showcase their work, gain exposure, and find employment. It was perhaps our biggest project of last year, with lots of time spent designing prototypes, developing, analyzing user experience, and testing for bugs.

Now that we have everything in working order, we are starting to partner with schools from all across the country. Stay tuned!


This year, the eduWeb Conference was stationed in Boston, so we had a chance to attend and represent our company. We got to learn a lot about the needs of our higher education clients and the shifts in the education marketing industry. We also got to show off Canvaspace to other marketing professionals and gathered some really insightful feedback.

Erjon at eduWeb 2017 Canvaspace Booth

Our team always tries to stay up to date with everything WordPress related. With that said, we had the opportunity to attend WordCamp (a WordPress conference) in Boston back in July. Our lead developer also attended WordCamp U.S. in Nashville, TN in December. We learned a lot about what’s coming up in the WordPress community (such as Gutenberg) and best practices when it comes to developing and maintaining WordPress sites.

Wrapping up our 2017

2017 was certainly an eventful year for us. From growing our own team to completing some phenomenal projects, we have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be excited about in the year ahead. We look forward to serving our clients and finding solutions to their needs into 2018 and beyond!


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