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Meet Jake La Verde

Introducing: Jake La Verde, Marketing Projects Coordinator

Welcome Aboard

Q: What excites you the most about joining our digital strategy team?

What excites me the most about joining ERI is the opportunity to manifest clients’ visions of their brand through strategy. I have always been a dreamer at heart, and my drive comes from imaginative visualization. Whether it’s a big project or a personal aspiration, I create mood boards with written goals. While I am a dreamer, I am also a practical strategist grounded in logistics, which creates my process fueled by aspirations and executed by strategy. My mind is a map showing many different roads that lead to the end goal, and I navigate the most efficient route to this goal. I navigate every aspect of my life through strategy, and I believe that it is the key to materializing any aspiration. I am excited to flourish as a strategic dreamer in this role, as I have the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside a team of talented professionals at ERI.

Creative Spark

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your social media and content creation projects?

I draw inspiration for my content creation projects from the beauty of my mundane like the beauty of my supplies scattered on my desk or even little moments with friends putting together a charcuterie board.

Content creation is the most valuable method of storytelling and self-expression. My passion for content creation stemmed from my obsession with ’60s French films in high school, as I loved how they always had limited scripts and a tendency for cinematic symbolism and dramatic soundtracks, I was inspired to romanticize and capture my life in the same way. My favorite content I’ve created would be my study abroad recap because I was able to capture personal moments outside of tourist attractions, such as the evergreen countryside, running through the hidden alleys of Rome, and my day-to-day in my apartment on Via Ottaviano.


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Day in the Life

Q: Can you walk us through a typical day in your role as a Marketing Projects Coordinator?

Recently, I have been researching AI policy in higher education, and I am excited to continue this research and begin many new projects soon! I start my day by responding to work emails before getting ready for my classes. Out of class at noon, I head to the café near my college! I fuel up with a large nitro cold brew and then research and compile data from different journals. I search for trends, including changing faculty attitudes toward AI in universities and forecasts of AI integration into curriculums. I then head back to my dining hall for a quick lunch break and then summarize and synthesize my research of the day. Lastly, I plan for my next day of work, setting goals and objectives for what to focus on next.

Visioning for the Future

Q: What are your top long-term professional aspirations?

I aspire to lead in the luxury fashion industry, as I am working towards becoming a marketing director for a luxury fashion house. I have become enamored by the fashion industry, watching runway shows from the 90s to the present day, all while keeping track of different advertising campaigns. A moment of inspiration for me was honestly watching the Gianni Versace 1995 spring-summer show, and the glamour and strategic composure of that show attracted me to the fashion industry. I aspire to design campaigns firsthand and help with the execution of high-fashion events such as brand appearances at New York Fashion Week. I believe that my work at ERI as a Marketing Projects Coordinator has shaped my market research and project management skills, allowing me to gain valuable experience in navigating the organizational and research-based aspects of marketing coordination.

Outside the realm of work, Jake is an avid museum-goer, globe-trotter, and coffee aficionado, drawing inspiration from the world around him to fuel his creative ventures.

Coffee Rituals

Q: How would you describe your perfect cup of coffee, and how does it fit into your daily routine?

I have two perfect orders of coffee for two different situations. My perfect cup of coffee for productivity has to be a nitro cold brew black. It is simple, strong, and bitter. Nitro Cold Brew never fails to wake me up during the weekdays when I balance academic and professional endeavors. For a more social setting like a coffee shop, my perfect order would be a hot oat milk latte with an extra shot of espresso. The creamy taste of the oat milk offset by bitter espresso is perfect. I sip this cup slowly and with intent because it is hot, allowing each small sip to warm me up while also energizing me. The latte art perfects the cup as it is aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Coffee is an integral part of Jake’s routine, as he visits his on-campus Dunkin at least twice a day!


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