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ERI’s VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Raffi DerSimonian, Inducted into Maine’s District Export Council

ERI is proud to announce that our VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Raffi DerSimonian, has been inducted into Maine’s District Export Council by the Secretary of Commerce. This past Friday, Raffi had the privilege of meeting Kendee Yamaguchi, Deputy Assistant Secretary for U.S. Field Operations (Global Markets), who traveled from Washington, D.C. to engage with Maine’s DEC. Their discussions were enlightening, focusing on the future vision to support and grow Maine businesses on an international scale.

Pictured: As a newly designated member of the Maine District Export Council, Raffi DerSimonian stands alongside Kendee Yamaguchi, Deputy Assistant Secretary for U.S. Field Operations (Global Markets) and Jeff Porter, Director of Maine’s U.S. Export Administration. Also pictured (far left) is Jim Cox, Northeast Network Director.

Special Thanks and Acknowledgments

Special thanks go to Jeff Porter, Director of Maine’s U.S. Export Administration, for providing Raffi with this prestigious opportunity to serve. Jeff’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in fostering economic growth and expanding Maine’s reach into global markets.

ERI’s Mission & Vision

ERI specializes in digital strategy, design, and development for educational institutions. Our mission is to leverage innovative solutions to help our clients stand out in an increasingly digital world. Raffi’s new role within the District Export Council aligns perfectly with our vision to expand our reach and impact internationally.

Pictured: The Maine District Export Council, whose members contribute leadership and business experience in support of the Nation’s joint industry/government export expansion effort. 

Embracing International Opportunities 

Raffi, a proud Maine native with extensive international experience, is eager to build his knowledge base around global trade and explore how it can benefit our great state. The increasingly global connectedness afforded by the digital age is inherent within any educational mission. This opportunity to connect Maine businesses with international markets promises not only economic growth for our local communities but also opens new avenues for collaboration and innovation.

Leveraging AI for Global Expansion

As we look to the future, the advent of AI presents exciting possibilities for leveraging and supporting the Maine DEC’s mission. How can AI be used to enhance our global trade strategies, streamline operations, and provide deeper insights into international markets? At ERI, we are committed to exploring these questions and integrating cutting-edge technology into our practices.

ERI’s Vision for Global Expansion

Our vision at ERI is to grow into an internationally based firm. We believe that the principles of effective digital strategy, compelling design, and innovative development are universal. By expanding our operations and clientele globally, we aim to bring our expertise to a broader audience and foster educational excellence worldwide.

Moving Forward

As we move forward, ERI is committed to leveraging our new role within the District Export Council to drive international growth for Maine businesses. We are excited about the potential collaborations and the shared vision of a prosperous, globally connected Maine.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards international expansion and how we continue to innovate in the fields of digital strategy, design, and development.


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