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Eri Design Wins 4 Distinctive Website Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Eri Design has recently won four distinctive website awards for our recent projects. For Clark University and Insight Meditation Society, we won a WebAward for Outstanding Website. Clark University also received a Communicator Award for Web Design Excellence along with Bowdoin International Music Festival.

WebAward trophy for Insight Meditation Society and Clark University website designs

Clark University Website Redesign

The Clark University project, like many other college websites, was developed to cater to prospective undergraduate and graduate students. We delivered a website that is simple yet bold and communicates the true texture of the Clark experience.

Clark University on desktop and mobile with red accent

Photography is a major propellant of the site that truly drives home the experience of Clark University and the Worcester area. Finding information is almost effortless thanks to the clear main navigation and custom-built search function. A unique program finder and tuition calculator are just two of the 100+ components that power the website.

Insight Meditation Society (IMS) Branding & Website Design

For Insight Meditation Society, we first enhanced their brand with a new logo design, color theme and typography. This gave us a basis to design a new website that still had the IMS look, but a more modern feel.

Insight Meditation Society audio component design

The hallmark of the new IMS website is undoubtedly the new “wavy” sections. However, there are tons of other features and functionalities that we designed to show the IMS experience and make navigation easier. We designed a new system to display the retreat schedule, made the audio player more interactive and fun, and added a new searchable teachers directory. As a result, IMS is seeing a steady rise in its user engagement and retreat registrations.

Bowdoin Int’l Music Festival Website Redesign

Though a slightly older project, the Bowdoin Music Festival website still holds up well enough to earn an award two years later. Bowdoin hosts summer classical music classes and concerts, and as such, it is very much an action-driven website. It features unique micro-actions and animations for applying, buying tickets, watching livestream concerts, and donating. Our favorite parts of the Bowdoin site are the unique faculty piece where you can sort by instrument and the dynamic events page that changes based on the day.

Bowdoin Music Festival collage of website pages

Our comprehensive discovery phase proved to be a key player in designing these websites. We’re extremely honored to have received these website awards and will use them as our motivation to continue making top-caliber work.

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