Introducing Exclusive Portfolio Network for Art Schools: Canvaspace

Here at Eri Design, we witness first-hand how technology evolves and constantly transforms the meaning of “digital presence.” That’s why we always look for ways to build on what we already have, or create something entirely new.

In our recent work with an art college, we realized that many art students are not equipped with the proper tools to effectively showcase their work, making post-grad employment a real struggle. As we considered the needs of art and design students, we noticed they need a platform to construct an e-portfolio that can showcase work to both peers and potential employers. With this in mind, we created a new platform: Canvaspace.

Canvaspace Profile and Project Screens

Designed as a portfolio management system, Canvaspace is tailored specifically for art and design institutions. The premise is simple — create a profile, upload work, and watch as fellow artists and potential employers discover you. The ability to like, share, and comment, as well as a fluid search function makes gaining exposure effortless. Our app is a platform for artists to aggregate their portfolio, as well as a social atmosphere that inspires creative communities.

Canvaspace is intuitive and easy for both users and school administrators. Since we wanted Canvaspace to serve art and design institutions, we made special tools for school administrators. Admins can set email requirements, brand their sites with custom domains and content, and select student work to feature with just a few clicks. You can also seamlessly integrate Canvaspace within your school’s website to create a truly personal experience and connect your community.

Canvaspace on the MECA Website

We believe that the ability to connect artists nationwide is important in its own right. However, the harsh reality is that artists have trouble finding jobs after graduation, so we made Canvaspace an employment discovery tool as well. This way, students and recent grads can inspire their fellow classmates and jumpstart their careers at the same time.

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